Setting Goals

Welcome! And thanks for checking in to read Soundings®, LLC’s new blog. I am so excited about the launch of this. I will be sharing with you, ideas that will challenge and inspire to to live with vitality and passion. Cutting edge, science-driven ways to help you achieve more consistently what you want out of your life--to live by design.

In today’s first post, I’m introducing a brand new series about setting effective goals-- goals that, when implemented properly, will enable you to execute the daily actions that ultimately lead to creating the life you want. Goals are about having a very clear outcome. You see, most people know where they are right now; they also know where they’d like to be---physically, mentally, at work, and in their most important relationships. But they get caught up in the space--the gap if you will--between the ‘where they are presently,’ and the ‘where they’d like to be;’ they keep their focus on this space and not on the end result. They get stuck.

Interestingly, lots and lots of folks do not like setting goals. Why? Because first off, most of us have not learned how to write an effective goal; many of us have tried to write goals down, but have failed in achieving what we want, leaving a pretty lousy taste in our mouths. But take a moment and imagine how it would viscerally feel in your gut if you were able to set goals that led to success? How would that literally feel? I’m guessing you would agree with me that it would feel pretty awesome, yes? If you value living your life on your terms, and want to experience fulfillment and vitality at work and in your personal life, then goals are a critical piece to your success.