Our Mission

Soundings, LLC is a leader in the development and actualization of peak human potential, working with individuals and organizations.

Our mission is to help motivated individuals create and live a values-driven life, grow leadership potential, achieve life goals, and become powerful contributors to family, community, and organizational growth.

Our effectiveness as leadership trainers and coaches lies in our ability to help people take consistent action in achieving lifestyle and career vision—while creating balance between the competing demands inherent in living a vital life.


Soundings provide mindfulness-based leadership training and coaching services to busy individuals and organizations.  Reach your potential—dream big, achieve more, create and live a healthier lifestyle, and become a more effective leader.  We deliver state-of-the-art, science-driven solutions and trainings that bring results.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you consistently function at a high-level of performance, and achieve your goals.