Andy Steinmark, Founder & President

Senior Trainer & Coach


Andy's passion is in helping others achieve their dreams by creating a values-driven life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment—of greater vitality.  For twenty years, he has been teaching individuals how to consistently take action and obtain measurable results, achieve goals, and create lasting change.  With a Doctorate Degree in psychology, Andy utilizes and integrates the latest scientific research on motivation, behavior change, neuroscience, and performance psychology, to enhance personal effectiveness and create optimal work-life balance. His unique approach is results and performance oriented.

Andy has been involved in business and healthcare for over three decades.  He was Managing & Co-founding General Partner of AFS/DeMaio, a small, family-owned realty investment partnership, and is the Founder of Behavioral Medicine Associates, LLC, with specialties in behavioral sleep medicine, and healthy lifestyle management.  He completed his doctoral training in health psychology at the Yale-affiliated VA Connecticut Healthcare System, and his postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at Dartmouth Medical School.

He provides in-person training's throughout New England, and coaching services world-wide using state-of-the-art video-conferencing services.

Focused. Exceptionally strong level of commitment. Easy to communicate with.
— Brian Onofrio, CEO & Managing Partner, Summit Financial LLC